No Minimums. No Added Fees.

How It Works

The first thing we want you to do is meet your Delivery Steward. Clean cut, professional, with credentials and a full background check. Also known to carry a few doggie biscuits 🙂

We will personalize your registration process and provide you with a Starter Kit including your route schedule, which will be two days every week. We pick up what you’ve left for us, and we deliver what we took from our last visit.

Payment is automatic. A price list will be part of your Starter Package…we’re very proud to offer our customers excellence AND lower prices. (If you’re not familiar with Dutchess Cleaners we encourage you shop and compare…the savings adds up fast!)

Your Dutchess Cleaners schedule is consistent and your clothes will be delivered to your door free of charge. We want this experience to be as close to hotel service as possible.

Delivery is Safe

We’ll ask you to choose an easily accessible location on your property for your Dutchess driver to pick up and deliver your clothes. Even if this means going to your back porch or using a garage key code, we will honor any reasonable pick up location request.

We take great care to ensure that your dry cleaning is routed and returned to you properly. Your Dutchess Cleaners Bag is water-resistant, and comes with a personalized identification tag that matches your clothing and your unique customer profile.

Softer Fabrics. Brighter Colors.
Sanitone Care Keeps Your Clothes Looking New.

A great price, free home delivery and spa-like treatment for your clothing.

Favored by many clothing designers, the Sanitone Cleaning Process is like a spa visit for your clothing. And Dutchess Cleaners is the area’s only Sanitone Certified Master DryCleaner.

Dutchess Cleaners is operated by local owners with the most consistent quality assurance program in the marketplace. Above and beyond uniforms, suits, dresses, bridal gowns and shirt laundering, Dutchess Cleaners can clean clothing with special trims, beads and crystals. Each garment is evaluated for the type of cleaning required. You can expect quality care with every piece.

Getting Started

Call our Home Delivery Manager at 330-759-1619 and your designated Delivery Steward will bring you a Dutchess Cleaners Starter Kit. The kit includes a customer profile form, clothing bags, pick-up and delivery schedule, personalized bag tags and a free door hook for drop off use.

Your Home Delivery Service begins with your completed form and pick-up and delivery direction. Thereafter, simply leave your dry cleaning at the designated home location on your pick up day. No need to call or wait for the truck—our driver will collect your Dutchess Cleaners Bag and deliver your fresh, clean clothes on the next scheduled delivery day.

With Dutchess Cleaners there are no delivery fees or minimum requirements. Sign up for Automatic Payment with a credit card and we’ll give you a monthly recap of your shirt and drycleaning charges. We make every step of the process customer friendly and convenient!