Leather & Suede Dry Cleaning

Dutchess Cleaners is the local dry cleaner you can trust with your leather & suede dry cleaning. Our premium cleaning options will help you get longer wear out of your leathers, suede, and specialty outerwear.

Dry Cleaning for Leather & Suede

Your leathers & suede clothing items and outerwear deserve to be cleaned with extreme care and attention to detail to make their quality and integrity are maintained. Our dry cleaning experts clean each leather or suede item individually to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the end result. On your next visit, make sure to take advantage of our expert leathers & suede dry cleaning service.

Dry Cleaning for Leather
Dry Cleaning for Leathers & Suede

Expert Cleaning for Leather & Suede

Your leather & suede coats & outerwear deserve to be professionally dry-cleaned. And Dutchess Cleaners is the BEST & most affordable dry cleaner in the area.

During our leather and suede dry cleaning process, our staff handles each and every clothing item with care to preserve your garment. We recommend cleaning your specialty outerwear garments in the spring or the fall, either before you store your clothing away for the season or right before you start wearing it again. Visit us today to take advantage of our dry cleaning expertise.

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