Dry Cleaning Home Delivery

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How Our Free Pick-Up and Delivery Works

Download the Dutchess Cleaners App

Step 1

Create an Account

The first step to enjoying our Free Home Delivery service is downloading our app or registering online to create your very own Dutchess Cleaners account.

Schedule a Pick-Up

Step 2

Schedule a Pick-Up

Schedule your first pick-up with our app or online. Your scheduling command goes directly to the device of your Dutchess Delivery Stewart. Our new delivery communications can let you know when your order was picked up, and when it was delivered. We can even take a photo of where we left your order if you wish. You’re in total control.

Dry cleaning delivered right to your door

Step 3

Back to You Spotless

Free delivery to your door! Payment is automatic and your only task is to enjoy your cleaned items once returned to your home or office. We are proud to offer our delivery program free of charge. Helping customers save both time and money with this service, is our way of giving back to the community our family and employees call home.

The Magic Behind the Scenes

Routes and Preferences

Once you’ve shared your address, our system will match you to one of our routes and route schedules.

We’ll also take the opportunity to adhere to your personal cleaning preferences and your pick-up and drop off location at your home or office.

Everything Tracked

Your garments are scanned and tracked throughout our cleaning and delivery process. Dutchess Cleaners is known for the most consistent quality assurance program in the marketplace. Each garment is evaluated for the type of cleaning required. You can expect expert care with every piece.

From Pick-Up to Drop Off

Simply leave your dry cleaning at the designated location on your pick up day. No need to call or wait for the truck—our driver will collect your Dutchess Cleaners Bag and deliver your fresh, clean clothes on the next scheduled delivery day.

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